Tropical Fish

Pacific Aquarium, New York City’s source for exotic tropical fish and their state-of-the-art man-made environments, hasn’t always commanded its indisputable following among consumers in one of the world’s foremost cities. Established in 1982, the small, unproven general pet store entered a crowded marketplace on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, armed with little more than an expert staff and a commitment to service both before and after the fact. But then, what else would we need?



Like many of the species we import and offer, Pacific, now entrenched just east of New York’s Chinatown district on Delancey Street between Eldridge and Forsyth Streets, has evolved and thrived. Now solely an enclave for aquarium enthusiasts, the company, by its eclectic selections of freshwater life and equipment. An authorized dealer of four of the industry’s top leading manufacturers, we sell and service Eheim, Hagen, Tetra, and Penn Plex. We even stock parts for all.

And while every aquarium store sells tanks, of course, how many make them as well? Not only do we stock Oceanic, All Glass, Perfecto, and Eheim, we design and build tanks up to 500 gallons to fit any space. Many area homes, offices and restaurants boast our custom work, and take advantage of our regular maintenance service to ensure the best possible environment. And these are truly environments, dressed with a full line of decorative ornaments. Even better, we carry a beautiful variety of true aquatic plants from Riccia and Java Moss to Baby Tears and Glossostigma, all supported by a selection of substrate, which enhanced by our variety of lighting designed for the natural aquarium.

Pacific houses close to 150 stocked display tanks with many dozens of species of fancy goldfish; Japanese koi; cichlids from both Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika; silver and black arrowanas; tropicals like praecox rainbows and cardinals; killifish; and even stingrays. Specializing in both freshwater and marine fish to live corals, we proudly offer an exotic, truly global selection of species to choose from, and the products and expertise to keep them healthy, from top-of-the-line fish foods like Tetra, Hakari and variety pellet food from Asia to medicines recommended by our experienced staff. What’s more, we stock fishing bait and tackle.

Our history of recognized success is proof that we’ll continue to provide the finest selection of fish and quality products as well as a fine, friendly establishment. Come in and see – we’re open from 10am to 7:00pm seven days a week.